The day that changed my life

My name is Prosline and I am a mom to an amazing little boy named Adam. Adam was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of 2. Our world was shaken as we tried to wrap our mind around the diagnosis.

As his mom, I sensed something was happening very early on. Adam was often sick. It seemed as if we lived in the Emergency Room, pediatrician’s office and specialists.  We were referred to so many specialists for  a variety of  health concerns. We were spread thin and getting nowhere. What is happening with our child?  We often asked but to no avail.

I will never forget being at the pediatrician’s office and hearing the words” Prosline, I think Adam is autistic”. Silence filled the room, as my eyes wandered to the back my head searching a reaction. I was numb but relieved. “Finally, someone provided me with some answers”, I thought to myself. The pediatrician interrupted, “I am referring you to a specialized hospital for an evaluation”. I took a deep breath and held on to my son. It felt as if all of our dreams and plans for Adam were quickly dissolving.

Tears rolled down my eyes, as I delivered the news to my husband. How could this have happened I thought? Is this my fault? Was I deficient in any vitamins during pregnancy? Maybe I should have done more? Did the emergency C-Section cause this? All sort of thoughts raced through my head. My husband remained calm on the phone. “So what is the next step”, he asked. There was a long pause as we tried to process this newly found information. “Everything  will be okay”, he uttered. “We will be okay”, he continued

The truth is that we may never know what caused Adam’s diagnosis. What I know for sure is, he is the same little boy who took our breath away when he was born. As his parents, we vow to love him unconditionally.

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