Ode to Adam

They say beauty is in the eye of its beholder.

If so, then you have mesmerized me.

Your vivacious laughter,

great sense of wonder,

your curiosity and burst of excitement

melts my heart.

Your sensitive nature,

your frustrations and

authentic hugs shared with your sister

reminds me of your greatness.

You are not your diagnosis.

You are not the statistics.

The stigma that blinds so many.

The brokenness that people fixate on.

You are so much more.

Greater than I could imagine,

Your free spirit defines who you are.

You are my extraordinary child

filled with love.

Prosline Saint-Armand

2 thoughts on “Ode to Adam

  1. Lynn, I was accidentally directed to your blog for a purpose, I enjoyed every piece of work you have put in. Without meeting Adam, it was just easy to fall in love with him, I can imagine how wonderful he is and i look forward to meeting him someday. Remain blessed, and keep up the good work! Paul Anyeji


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