Savor the magical moments

Yesterday, I watched an amazing moment. I witnessed an unconditional bond between two  siblings. My son was not having the best day. He was frustrated and agitated. I picked him up from school and he did not want to leave the car. He fussed, cried and yelled. His sister and I waited in the car until the wave was over. I opened his door and he decided to leave the car.

We walked in the house and he dashed through the foyer into the living room. Just then, his younger sister ran after him. As I waited in the foyer, she removed her coat and hat. Madison ran over to me and said “here mommy”. As she motioned for me to hang her coat. She zoomed back into the living room. Then, this magical moment captured my heart. Madison walked over to Adam, as he was trying to remove his coat.  “ Let me help you”, the words echoed . She helped him unzipped his coat and remove his hat. He smiled as Madison grabbed his coat and brought it to me. She went back into the living room, this time Adam opened his arms and hugged her with a big smile. It’s those tender moments that brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Today, I carry the imprints of this moment in my heart. Let us savor the beautiful expressions of love in our daily lives.

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