A Bittersweet Farewell

Goodbye, farewell, Godspeed, no matter how it is phrased, the transition is always hard. Adam parted ways with his aide today. She is pursuing her dreams and we are so happy for her. Although, she has been with him for a short time, she was supportive, positive and dedicated.

When we heard the news, it brought mixed emotions. It is as if a million questions invaded our minds. How will Adam handle this transition? How can we support him? How will he respond to the new aide? We tried to prepare for the worst and prayed for the best possible outcomes.

The transition process proved to be difficult for Adam. He seemed restless, anxious, happy, tearful and emotional at times. Yesterday, he began to chew on his shirt again. Throughout the day, he became upset, angry and tearful. He seemed frustrated as he walked towards me. He grabbed my hand and began crying. I quickly hugged him and held on tight. His sister followed.

I wanted to tell him, You’ve made so much progress. We are proud of you. I know that this is uncomfortable but we are here to support you in any way. We love you! We wish that we could make it better. We know life is about transitions, some great and small. Through it all, we only wish to be the anchor that you need and deserve”Instead, we sat in the moment knowing this too shall pass.


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